Challenge Day 5 (April 3)

Welcome back! You’ll need to use your reading skills to decipher the last puzzle.

See if you can solve it without the hint. I’ve provided the consonants. You provide the vowels.

Last challenge: Where is dinner being served??

“Y  re bldng,” sd th gd. “W hv mdcl sppls n th Jp.”

Lmpng, th hntr wvd hm ff. “N tme. ’m vrde fr dnnr.”

“Dnnr?” sked th gd. “t s brly dwn.”

Th hntr glncd t hs wtch nd frwnd. “Nt n Clfrn.”

Day 5 Excerpt from Prologue

And there’s still time to play the challenge from the beginning. Entries (all five answers) are due by April 10th. Then I’ll post the answers once the challenge closes.

Here  are the links to the other puzzles. You have until April 10th to get your answers in:

Click here for Rules and Eligibility:

Click here for Official Entry Form:

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Good luck!

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