Day 2: Book Excerpt

A hint from the game:
The Lost Tribes, Chapter 28 : The Bay of Whales (excerpt)


Rolling a die from his Monopoly game, Ben narrowed the choice to the Bay of Whales which sent him to a remote ice floe in the Ross Sea.

He was greeted with bone numbing cold and razor sharp wind. Stumbling forward, he tripped over a footlocker. Out here? A thick parka, gloves, scarf and boots were tucked inside along with a survival kit containing a compass, goggles, emergency flare, and matches. Uncle Henry thought of everything.

Ben’s hands felt many degrees colder than the miles of ice surrounding him as he struggled to put on the extra clothing. The boots were too large for his feet, but once on, they shrank to a perfect fit. His body thawed to normal temperature, as if the clothing contained a built-in heat source.

His eyes hurt from the intensity of the sun’s rays reflecting off the thick ice. Sliding on the goggles, he tried to get his bearings. There were no shadows to guide him in the desolate wasteland. No way to distinguish the sky from the land. His mouth felt parched. All this water frozen around him and yet none to drink.

Typical, Webster.  Save the hardest part of the game for last.

(text copyright, C. Taylor-Butler, 2015)