Challenge: Day 1

Day One Challenge: apologies – there was a typo in the original puzzle. A new video has been loaded and the corrected equation is below – square root of 16 (√16) was changed to square root of 64 (√64). I am sending a personally autographed copy to the young boy who caught the original error! Good work!



This is going to get me in trouble,” said Ben.

Here’s the corrected challenge:   √-1   √64   ∑    ∏

And a hint:  “Ben’s mother is a health fanatic so she won’t be pleased.”

Still confused? Here’s an excerpt with more hints about Ben:

Day 1 Excerpt

Now – the first question: What do the math symbols “say” about Ben’s problem?

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Challenges and hints will be posted 11am Eastern Standard Time (8am pst) note: If you have trouble with the menu – change the “day” number at the end of each link to access that day’s puzzle.

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Good luck!