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Kirkus Reviews:

Review for The Lost Tribes: ” A boy, his sister and their three friends discover that their parents—and they themselves—are not what they seem. That the main characters are of diverse ethnic origins is laudable and a breath of fresh air, as is the lack of stereotypes and clichés. Well-written and well-paced: a promising start to what should be an exciting and unusual sci-fi series.(Science fiction. 10-14)

Review for The Lost Tribes: Safe Harbor: “…..the solid character development, strong writing, and action will appeal to sci-fi and adventure-story readers alike. A great choice for reluctant readers as well as fans of Rick Riordan and the Artemis Fowl books”. (Science fiction. 10-14)

Other Reviews:

Fascinating, gripping, and action packed — if you like puzzles, mysterious ancient civilizations, or The 39 Clues, you’ll love The Lost Tribes! — Tui Sutherland, New York Times bestselling author of the Wings of Fire series

This is exactly the kind of book we should be publishing and promoting for young readers. It includes multicultural characters but beyond that it’s an exciting, entertaining, thought-provoking read. This is science fiction that is so well grounded it appeals to all readers, even those who claim they don’t like science fiction. It’s a thrilling, high-stakes adventure with characters you care about, even finding yourself working through puzzles with them, all the while looking over your shoulder for the next ingenious emergency. In short, this is an all-nighter — a book you’ll read all night because it has the power and inventiveness dreams are made of. Kathy Erskine, National Book Award Winner, author of Mockingbird

Barnes and Noble blog interview with Chris Tebbetts

It’s a wildly imaginative, super-fun ride that runs from cliffhanger to cliffhanger. Like a lot of young readers, I’m always on the lookout for books that beg NOT to be put down, and this was one of them. – Chris Tebbetts, New York Times bestselling author of The Middle School Series.


This book is one wild ride. It kept me (a giant kid) very interested, and I think kids of all ages (even, um, over 29, by, you know, just a bit) will delight in trying to solve the puzzles, stay ahead in the guessing and sleuthing game, and making discoveries along with the main characters. Also, I would really, really like to meet and have a long conversation with the character of Uncle Henry. May he show up at my house one stormy afternoon, with the best computer game EVER – Susan Vaught, Edgar Award winning author of Footer Davis Just Might Be Crazy

I have loved science fiction since I was a kid. I read Robert Heinlein’s juvenile focused novels (several given to me when I had my appendix out), the Tom Hardy Jr. books of the 1960s, the new age revolution of authors like Harlan Ellison, the classics of Madeleine L’Engle, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many, many others. This is a wonderful addition to the genre, gracing us with young characters who learning how to think, how to empathize, and how to work together. – Dr. John Horner, Kansas City Public Library.



I’m always happy when there is a new sic fi book for middle grade, especially these days when it’s non-dystopian sci fi. And this one adds ancient mysteries from around the world. Nice. You could also say this is a diversity book and at the same time, those who want to promote it as such might be disappointed because it’s not easily so identified. The young teens in this book are just like the readers friends and classmates, not stereotypes. Related though, one of my favorite parts comes closer to the end with a nicely done Star Trek reference. While I may have been overwhelmed with information at some points, the tone, reading level and adventure are perfect for the middle grade audience. C. Lunsford, Youth Services Librarian


Combining world travel, video games, puzzles, archaeology, advanced technology, mysterious parents, growing danger, and a group of ambitious teenagers, this is quite the adventure.  While a fully satisfying story, this is just the beginning of the adventures for Ben, his friends, and his family.  All are interesting, engaging, believable characters, and I’m excited to see what comes next for them as the series develops. Chris Koppenhaver, Youth Services Librarian


Fast-paced action, mental gymnastics, scientific knowledge and history combine in the first of a series that will appeal to a wide variety of readers. Kids who enjoy puzzles, code-breaking, computer technology, maps and exploring ancient worlds will love this global adventure of five friends who join together on a mission to save the world. A Broyles, author of Arturo and the Navidad Birds.


Fans of 39 Clues and middle grade readers of sci-fi, adventure, and mystery stories will love THE LOST TRIBES by C Taylor-Butler. The first third of the book has lots of cool puzzles and codes to decipher, so math and linguistic geeks will love this book, too. Librarians and teachers looking for books with diverse characters and cultures should add THE LOST TRIBES to the list. Christine Kohler, author of No Surrender Soldier