by C. Taylor-Butler

TribesFullCoverSafeCoverFront72dpiFive Friends . . . A Dangerous Game . . and the Truth about the Family Business.

Five friends are in a race against tim
e in this action-adventure series involving ancient tribal artifacts that hold the fate of the universe in the balance. When their parents go missing, they are forced into unfathomable circumstances and learn of a history that is best left unknown, for they are catalysts in an ancient score that must be settled. As the chaos unfolds, they’re forced to decipher clues, crack codes and anticipate their next moves. This book weaves real scientific facts and history into the complex story. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats at every turn.


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“It’s a thrilling, high-stakes adventure with characters you care about, even finding yourself working through puzzles with them, all the while looking over your shoulder for the next ingenious emergency. In short, this is an all-nighter —”

~Kathy Erskine, National Book Award winner, Mockingbird


 “This is a wonderful addition to the genre, gracing us with young characters who learning how to think, how to empathize, and how to work together.”

~ Dr. John Horner, Kansas City Public Library.


“I’m always happy when there is a new sci-fi book for middle grade, especially these days when it’s non-dystopian sci fi. And this one adds ancient mysteries from around the world. Nice”

~ C. Lunsford, Youth Services Librarian



  • The Lost Tribes Series by C. Taylor-Butler
  • Publisher: Move Books
  • Available through bookstores, libraries and all major distributors.